​​​​​Save pounds and the planet

A Green Savings Guide that’s  Quicker, Easier and smarter.  


Jeannette Buckle has worked in the environmental sector for over 24 years, has been a Master Composter since 2007 and is an Energy Champion. This has given her added insight into different types of waste and what happens to it. As well as being a single mum for a while and living in different countries, it made her look at things differently and question our everyday habits. She is constantly striving for less impact on the environment in the home but most importantly a quicker, easier, cheaper and therefore smarter option; all of which will make these tips mainstream everyday habits.

"You don't have to make a

choice between eco friendly

and cost effective."

"Through working in the environmental sector I've picked up a lot of helpful hints and tips along the way, I often had friends and family asking me about quick and easy ways they could save money and time around the house. This book is a collection of all the tips I've picked up over the years condensed into 208 pages!

There are simple ways we can all make a difference to our savings and the environment hand in hand with no sacrifices. Often the view of eco friendly habits is that they add time to everyday tasks and cost more, hopefully this book proves the opposite is true. You don't have to make a choice between eco friendly and cost effective.

I would love my readers to take on board even one of these tips and know the positive impact it can have on their lives and our planet."

​​                             Jeannette Buckle