​​​​​Save pounds and the planet

A Green Savings Guide that’s  Quicker, Easier and smarter.  

With over 365 everyday tips from 

The obvious, Simple good habits,

to the Not so obvious but everyday easy

Here are just some of Saving Tips Covered in this book, but actually you will save much more !                                      

                                          Savings               Per                                                       
General Standbys off              £32 - £80       year
TV,DVD,PSP standby off          £32                year
Battery charger                    £100-£399       Lifetime  

Efficient Fridge/freezer                   £57                     year
Efficient dishwasher                        £12 – £46          year
Efficient showerhead                    £165                    year
Installing stuff savings         £234 - £268    year

Shower not bath                              £40                     year                                                    
Boiling just enough in kettle            £8                     year
No running hot tap                          £59                     year
Hot water savings          £107               year
Average food waste       £720               year                                                     
Heating & insulation      £740 - £980    year
Habit change only          £891               year     
Grand total                 £1,865 - £2,187 year         


Saving symbols next to each tip so you know what you are saving with each habit change. Some tips may just save energy and money some might save a range of things.

I have also included a time saving icon as people often think they have no time for such things, this shows they can save time too!

​Be it English Pounds, Euros, Dollars or Yen, these tips will save you money.

Saving time on housework and chores, I am sure you agree, is always a good thing.

These energy saving tips assume a typical 3 bedroom semi-detached house. Not using your car saves energy.

If you pay for the amount of water you use, these tips will save money. If not, getting into good habits for when you do need to pay will help.

These tips will help you to throw away less food or stuff unnecessarily, to buy less packaging, to recycle easier and quicker.


This book is not about being perfect, it’s about doing what you can when you can and showing that you can make a difference and save money.

This easy-to-use guide book will help you make small changes leading you to become more eco-friendly and more efficient, saving time, money and the planet.

You have children, eat meat, have a car, go on holiday by plane and have a hobby. Everything we do has an impact on the environment and the process starts every day with that first cup of tea. This book is not about how to make sacrifices—it is about how to maximise the benefits of what we have.